The Killam Annual Lectures

Each year the Canada Council for the Arts awards five Killam Prizes in five disciplines; Natural Sciences, Humanities, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Engineering.  These Laureates then travel to a "Killam" university at some point during the calendar year to give a public lecture.  The rotation of Laureats and universities is below (click the thumbnails to enlarge the posters).

Starting in 2014 these lectures will be moderated TED-style talks.  They promise to be very informative and engaging and starting in 2015 they will take place at the laureates "home" universities!  Find one in your area to attend!

If you wish to attend, or would like additional information please contact Sarah Horrocks, the Administrative Officer to the Killam Trusts.


Dr. Axel Becke – Killam Prize Laureate in Natural Sciences
“Quantum Theory of Electrons in Matter:  Notes, Chords and Symphonies”
7pm November 22 Ondaatje Hall, McCain Building, Dalhousie University, Halifax




Isabelle Daunais – Killam Prize Leareate in Humanities and Social Sciences
“Le roman pour explorer le monde et la vie”
5:30pm October 18, 2016, McGill University Faculty Club


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