Quantum Theory of Electrons in Matter:

Time: 7:30pm

Event Details

Dr. Axel Becke, 2016 Canada Council Killam Prize Winner in Natural Sciences will be using musical analogies to explain quantum theory at a public lecture at Dalhousie University on Tuesday, November 22nd (details below).  

Both Dalhousie and the Killam Trusts are very proud of Dr. Becke's research.  His Killam funding began at Dalhousie, with a Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship in 1981, and continued with a Killam Chair in Computational Science from 2006 to 2015.  The Canada Council is also no stranger to Dr. Becke's work as he received a two-year Canada Council Killam Research Fellowship in 2005.

Dr. Becke’s award winning research, while small scale, is largely powerful. His focus on “density-functional theory” (DFT): a faster, more intuitive method of calculating the properties of chemical systems and materials than older non-DFT methods, is now used in more than 80 per cent of quantum chemical computations, making Dr. Becke one of the most cited scientists on the planet. He has two papers on Nature’s 2014 list of the top 100 most-cited scientific articles of all time — both in the top 25, and one of them in the top 10. These days he averages about 10,000 new citations a year, with his rolling total currently at more than 110,000.

On Tuesday you'll have the opportunity to come see what all the excitement is about.  If you can't be there in person you can attend virtually at dal.ca/killamlecture.  Don't miss it!!