Rapidly Evolving Hepatitis Treatments

Time: 4:00pm

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Dr. Lorne Tyrrell is the 2015 Canada Council Killam Laureate in Health Sciences.  Dr. Tyrrell has dedicated his life to research and the discovery of several anti-virals against Hepatitis B (HBV).  His work resulted in the first oral anti-viral treatment for HBV infections.  He is now working on the viral and host genetic factors that lead to chronic HBV and Hepatitis C (HCV) as well as on an HCV vaccine.

During the CBC Ideas broadcast, Dr. Tyrrell credited his ingenuity and creative thinking to growing up on the family farm in rural Alberta.  When vital equipment broke down the only solution was to fix it using whatever materials were at hand.   This not only led to some creative remedies but also provided an important life lesson that had a profound impact on Dr. Tyrrell and inspired his tenacity in research. 

Dr. Tyrrell will be in conversation with the Honourable Jim Edwards on Tuesday, January 19th at 4pm.  The discussion will touch on Dr. Tyrrell's life changing research but will focus more on how a farm boy from rural Alberta came to have such a profoundly positive impact on the world of Hepatitis sufferers.

(If you're interested in attending but can't get to the venue check back for the video, available after the event).

The Killam Prize Winner Lecture Series is now in its fourth year.  In the past the laureates travelled to one of the Killam insitutions on a rotating schedule to give a lecture relating to their research.  This year the laureates are speaking at their "home" universities. 

Dr. Vijay Bhargava (Engineering) from UBC gave his lecture on November 24th; Dr. David Bentley (Humanities) gave his talk "Simile, Metaphor and the Making and Perception of Canada" on November 25th, followed by a moderated conversation with Paul Kennedy from CBC IDEAS; it is available here.  Dr. Savoie (Social Sciences) from the Université de Moncton was in conversation with M. Richard Saillant,  Executive Director  of the Savoie Institute (formerly the Canadian Institute for Resarch on Public Policy & Public Administration) in December, 2015; video available here and Dr. Victoria Kaspi (Natural Sciences) from McGill will give a talk titled "The Fast Radio Sky", link here.  If you'd like additional information on this lecture series, or to receive an invitation please contact Sarah Horrocks, Administrative Officer to the Killam Trusts.