Victoria Kaspi to Lecture at McGill

Time: 5:15pm

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Victoria Kaspi is the 2015 Canada Council Killam laureate in Natural Sciences.  She is the only woman to have won the Prize in this category since the inception of the award in 1981.  Her success reflects the welcome changes in the current academic landscape, one in which more and more women are becoming successful pioneers and researchers in scientific fields.

In Dr. Kaspi's own words from the broadcast on CBC Ideas, during her early university years she was one of very few women in her classes.  Rather than let that fact deter her from continuing, her focus on the subject matter and the research she was doing further cemented her belief that studying physics was where she belonged.

Dr. Kaspi has made significant contributions to the study of the universe, particularly pulsars, which she likens to radiowave lighthouses in space.

Dr. Kaspi will give her lecture titled "The Fast Radio Sky" at McGill's Tanna Schulich Hall on Tuesday, January 12th at 5:30.  Please click the poster below to secure your spot for this event.

(If you're interested in attending but can't get to the venue McGill will be live streaming the event.  Click here to join!)





















The Killam Prize Winner Lecture Series is now in its fourth year.  In the past the laureates travelled to one of the Killam insitutions on a rotating schedule to give a lecture relating to their research.  This year the laureates are speaking at their "home" universities. 

Dr. Vijay Bhargava (Engineering) from UBC gave his lecture on November 24th; Dr. David Bentley (Humanities) gave his talk "Simile, Metaphor and the Making and Perception of Canada" on November 25th, followed by a moderated conversation with Paul Kennedy from CBC IDEAS; it is available here.  Dr. Savoie (Social Sciences) from the Université de Moncton will provide a video of his conversation with M. Richard Saillant,  Executive Director  of the Canadian Institute for Resarch on Public Policy & Public Administration later this year and Dr. Lorne Tyrrell (Health Sciences) from the University of Alberta will be in conversation with Jim Edwards, former U Alberta Board Chair and former Parliamentarian on January 19th, video to follow.  If you'd like additional information on this lecture series, or to receive an invitation please contact Sarah Horrocks, Administrative Officer to the Killam Trusts.