2014 Killam Prize Winners on CBC Ideas


Photo Credit MCpl Vincent Carbonneau, Rideau Hall 

                  2014 Killam Prize Laureates with His Excellency, the Governor General of Canada and representatives from the Killam Trustees and the Canada Council for the Arts


CBC Ideas host Paul Kennedy interviews the 2014 Canada Council Killam Prize winners around how they hope their work will change the world.

·         The show will air nationally on Friday, May 30 at 9 :00 pm on your local CBC Radio station

The Killam Prize recipients are our country's most accomplished research minds in science, the humanities and engineering. This year, they have made their mark in the international race to find an effective HIV vaccine, pioneered diffusion wave technologies that are revolutionizing medical diagnostic methods, introduced the new discipline of “Cybercartography” and its capacity to illuminate socio-economic issues, enhanced our understanding of relations between Canada’s Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples, and developed optical technologies that will transform the way information systems transmit data.

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This is a partnership between CBC Radio, the Killam Trusts and the Canada Council for the Arts.