Building Canada’s future through advanced study

How our world changes,
one Killam scholar at a time

Killam Laureates are beyond brilliant scholars, they are ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting researchers. They are constantly developing, discovering, mapping and modelling the knowledge and solutions that will change Canada’s future. They will define our world.

AI(Artificial Intelligence) concept.

Then, now, and wow

The next generation of Killam scholars will honour those who have gone before them. They are ready, productive, diverse, innovative and globally-aware, and they will honour Dorothy J. Killam’s transformative vision to fund people’s minds — to fund the future.


Watch. Listen. Engage.

Revisit this space for captivating and insightful videos produced by our own Killam institutions. Featured videos are highlighted here, and archived content is available through our Vimeo channel.

Be part of Canada’s global future. Become a Killam Laureate.

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