Canada Council for the Arts

Dr. Arthur McDonald, OC OOnt FRS FRSC

Dr. McDonald is the 2015 co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics with Japan’s Takaaki Kajita for their work in neutrinos — subatomic particles that comprise the fundamental building blocks of the universe. 

Donald J. Savoie – 2015 Killam Prize

A leading Canadian expert on public policy, public administration and federalism, Donald J. Savoie has influenced and participated in decision-making in Canada and abroad for numerous years. 

David Bentley – 2015 Killam Prize

David Bentley has greatly broadened and enriched understanding and awareness of Canadian literature and culture across Canada and around the world. 

Victoria Kaspi – 2015 Killam Prize

Victoria Kaspi has made important contributions to the understanding of the universe, with major discoveries throughout her career in the study of rapidly spinning compact neutron stars called pulsars.

Vijay Bhargava – 2015 Killam Prize

Practical applications of his research include wireless networks that will support 3D multimedia, gaming, device-to-device communications, e-health, and social networks. 

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