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Jackie Dawson – 2024 Dorothy Killam Fellow

Inuit Qaujisrnirmut Pilirijjutit on Arctic Shipping Risks

University of Ottawa

Jackie Dawson is the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Human and Policy Dimensions of Climate Change, Full Professor at University of Ottawa, and Scientific Director of ArcticNet, Canada Network of Centers of Excellence for Arctic science.

Dawson’s research project aims to understand the impact and risks of Arctic marine shipping across Inuit Nunangat (i.e., Arctic Canada). The project will identify and evaluate strategies for sustainable and self-determined risk mitigation. The work builds directly on previous projects led by Dawson including ‘Arctic Corridors and Northern Voices’ (2015-20) and the ‘Arctic Shipping project’ (2021-24).

The proposed project responds directly to the need for focused research on Arctic shipping risks and was co-developed with Inuit communities, the shipping industry, and government agencies. The melting Arctic and potential shifting of global trade routes could create one of the most profound environmental and geopolitical disturbances of our time. As a result, research attention is vital for global society and perhaps most importantly for the people residing in the Arctic and in Arctic nations.

Dawson’s esteemed reputation has directly influenced her scientific successes and has substantially enhanced the real-world impact of her work. Dawson is well-recognized for positioning Canada as a world leader on Arctic shipping governance and for research approaches that support of Indigenous self-determination in science.


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