Masoud Shabestary

Killam Predoctoral Scholarship and Dorothy J. Killam Memorial Graduate Prize

University of Alberta

As a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alberta, Masoud is currently working on renewable-based energy sources. He hopes to facilitate the transition from existing power systems to more efficient, more flexible, and more clean smart grids. In order to do so he must first tackle the challenges of high integration of renewable-based distributed energy sources. Coming from Tehran, Masoud chose the University of Alberta as it is one of the leading institutions in this field.  

Not only a Killam scholar, Masoud also received a Vanier scholarship.

“These two awards are excellent motivations for researchers, in different fields of science and technology, to dedicate themselves in accomplishing great contributions and pursuing their career magnificently.”

Lucky enough to enjoy his work helps Masoud stay positive and happy.  When not working or studying, Masoud enjoys spending time in the gym working out or playing squash. 


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