Annamaris Olmo Velázquez

Killam Predoctoral Scholarship Recipient

University of Calgary

Hydrogen is being developed for use as fuel, which has lead to the building of new “hydrogen stations” equivalent to gas stations, which raises safety concerns. The mechanics that controls hydrogen detonation remains poorly understood, which hinder the development of safety systems for new technologies, as the PEM fuel cells. Using mathematical simulations Annamaris’ research seeks to unravel the detonation process, thus better predicting the behaviour of hydrogen combustion and improve safety measures.

Annamaris has been working with thermo-fluids since her undergraduate degree but it was her supervisor’s vast experience in the field who inspired her to focus on hydrogen combustion.  She came to UCalgary to be with her husband, who is also a student.  After researching several universities in Alberta and neighbouring provinces it was UCalgary’s excellent reputation in Engineering Research and the exceptional student resources that helped her make up her mind.

I hope my research will lead to a better understanding of hydrogen combustion followed by the implementation of safety procedures that will make hydrogen a safer source of energy.

Annamaris is President of the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students Association, GSA graduate representative, Graduate Engineering Consortium and GRCI member. As such she can often be found planning professional events for Engineers, attending meetings and representing graduate students’ interests on campus. She also volunteers helping the homeless, enjoys being outdoors with friends and relaxing over a good coffee and chat.

Being part of the Killam family is an honor that I am thankful of every day, knowing that others appreciate and value my work is a motor that keeps me going in those moments when I encounter a wall on my way that I must overcome. It also represents the opportunity to help others in their professional and academic growth.


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