University of Calgary

The University of Calgary offers more than 170 degrees across 65 graduate programs and is ranked in the top 200 universities in the world.  Its current vision is “to be recognized for building a culture of mutual respect and trust that enables us to have a positive impact on each other, our university and the greater community.”

When the University of Calgary officially separated from the University of Alberta in 1966, a special provision was made to allow the University of Calgary to take 1/3 of the Killam bequest along with them.

To date, 4 Killam Prizes – Natural Sciences (1), Health Sciences (1), and Engineering (2), 11 Killam Research Fellowships, and 1 Dorothy Killam Fellowship have been awarded to researchers at the University of Calgary.

Killam Awards at the University of Calgary

To learn more about the Killam Laureates at the University of Calgary, visit the University’s YouTube channel.

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