Dennis Hall – 2019 Killam Research Fellow

A Green Chemistry Blueprint for Direct Catalytic Functionalization of Feedstock Alcohols

University of Alberta

I am proud that I chose a challenging postdoctoral experience in a different research field than my PhD research, as it has allowed me to ‘think outside the box’ and build the confidence to take risks in my independent career.

This research project will develop more effective and more economical chemical reactions through the design of direct, catalytic, and waste-free processes. This goal will be achieved by combining the use of boron-based catalysts, such as boronic acids, with other modes of chemical activation like the use of light. The new catalytic methods will circumvent multi-step processes and will enable unusual bond connections that are currently challenging or impossible to achieve. In the longer term, these efforts will help provide environmentally responsible methods for the production of commodity chemicals and new medicines to benefit society.

Photo credit: John Ulan, University of Alberta


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