Dorothy Killam Fellowships

Dorothy Killam Fellowships

The Killam Research Fellowships were renamed the Dorothy Killam Fellowships, owing to Dorothy Killam’s vision of building Canada’s future through advanced study. 

Claire Davies

Dr. Davies will explore how inclusion and engagement can be enhanced through the development of guidelines for augmentative and alternative communication technology.

Naila Keleta-Mae

Dr. Keleta-Mae’s research establishes a theoretical foundation for interdisciplinary investigation that opens a new line of inquiry into the question of freedom across different forms of Black expressive culture.

Max Liboiron

Dr. Liboiron’s research will work collaboratively with other Indigenous scientists and demographers to extend frameworks of Indigenous methodologies into quantitative methods common in STEM fields, including statistics and data visualization.

Paul McNicholas

Dr. McNicholas’ recent work has seen the development of model-based clustering approaches for finding groups of similar observations within multivariate longitudinal data. This work broke new methodological ground .

Temitope Oriola

Dr. Oriola will use an intersectionality approach to explore the perspectives of BIPOC criminal justice professionals as both organizational actors and members of marginalized groups in society.

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