Saeid Saidi

Killam Doctoral Scholarship Recipient

University of Calgary

Saeid is working on long-range planning for multimodal public transport system for the Calgary metropolitan area and in particular ring transit lines.  Saeid is developing an integrated transit network model that consider the long-range effects and interactions between transit network and land use. The outcome of his research will be useful for city planners and the authorities. It contributes to an efficient public transportation system which is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Saeid was also awarded Donald N. Byers Memorial Killam Prize for the Best Statement of Program of Studies and Research at the University of Calgary’s annual Killam Dinner, on October 19, 2013.

What does it mean to be a Killam Laureate?

It is such an honor to join Killam Family of Scholars. Beside the financial support from Killam Trusts,  the recognition  and the opportunity to meet the Trustees of the Killam Trusts and family of  Killam Scholars give me the confidence and motivation to work hard on my research and study. The devotion of Killam family supporting the advanced education and research at Canadian Universities is the best role model for me to work really hard on my goals to better serve the society.

How has Killam funding been of benefit to you?

Through Killam trusts funding, I am worry free of my living and education costs fully concentrating on my research and education at university. Besides, I get the chance to attend and present at several international conferences, learning from the cutting edge research conducted worldwide and network with the experts in the field.

Why did you choose to work with the University of Calgary?

University of Calgary has one of the best transportation groups in Canada. The opportunity to work with world known professors in this field. I have access to a fully facilitated transportation research laboratory which gives me access to real time data and software packages to conduct my study. In addition, the support provided by Shculich School of Engineering and University of Calgary and the constructive partnership with City of Calgary are very helpful for my multidisciplinary research area.


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