Eugene Yip

Killam Doctoral Scholarship Recipient

University of Alberta

Medical physics is the application of physics principles (i.e. high energy radiation and magnetic fields) to medical problems (i.e. the treatment of cancer).  Eugene’s research group, led by Dr. Fallone in the department of Oncology, has built one of the world’s first hybrid devices that combines a therapeutic radiation device (linear accelerator, or Linac) with a magnetic resonance imager (MRI), allowing the two to operate at the same time.  Eugene is devising a model-based, dynamic MR image reconstruction method which can allow very fast MRI scans for real time visualization of a moving tumour, such that radiation beam can “track” it while the patient breathes.

The University of Alberta has a CAMPEP accredited medical physics program with an excellent reputation.  Dr. Fallone’s vision for the Linac-MR project and the research opportunities it presents is the primary reason why Eugene chose to move to Edmonton.  (Well, that and the mild and pleasant winter there!!)

Besides a great sense of humour, Eugene is a talented classical musician. He has been playing the violin since he was 4 and currently plays for a couple of amateur groups in Edmonton.


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