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Clément Gosselin – 2024 Killam Prize


Université Laval

Clément Gosselin is a professor in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Université Laval and the Director of CeRVIM (Research Centre on Robotics, Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence). He is also the Director of the FRQNT-REPARTI Strategic Network on Cyberphysical Systems and Embedded Machine Intelligence, and he held the Canada Research Chair in Robotics and Mechatronics from 2001 to 2021.

Gosselin is a robotics researcher whose work has a tremendous impact on the field. He has revolutionized the area of robotic grippers by introducing dexterous underactuated robotic hands that are easy to control. This work led to the foundation of Robotiq, a spin-off company that reshaped the robotic gripper industry and that has become one of the 50 most influential robotics companies in the world. Robotiq is a flagship of the Canadian robotics industry.

Driven by his relentless desire to bridge the gap between robots and nature, Gosselin’s current research focuses on the development of a new generation of robots that can safely and intuitively interact physically with humans. Gosselin’s fundamental contributions to parallel robotics are also highly impactful on the research community as evidenced by his numerous publications, citations, awards and funded projects. His work led to the development of groundbreaking devices that set new standards of cost-effective performance for manufacturing applications, robotic exploration and interactive simulators.

Gosselin is a leading international figure and has established himself as a prominent and very productive roboticist.


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