Ashley M. Newbigging

Killam Doctoral Scholarship and Dorothy J. Killam Memorial Graduate Prize Recipient

University of Alberta

With a background in medical laboratory sciences and lab testing, Ashley knows first hand how patient care and technologist experiences could be improved, and costs reduced, with the implementation of DNA-based assays in clinical use.

Ultimately, I hope to develop these tests to be fast, easy, and inexpensive for clinical use in resource-limited settings or at point-of-care. These simple and accessible tests will also contribute to health promotion and disease prevention.

She was inspired to study this growing field of dynamic DNA nanotechnology, as one of the skills it requires is creativity for both DNA design and problem solving.

Ashley chose the University of Alberta for its excellent reputation, as well as the many opportunities available, such as the new Clinical Biochemistry Fellowship program.

When she’s not researching or studying you can find Ashley exploring Alberta, or relaxing with board games and her pet cockatiel of 18 years (!).


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