Yashar Monfared

Killam Doctoral Scholarship Recipient

Dalhousie University

Yashar is studying nonlinear effects inside photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) which have many applications in the field of optical communications, biomedical optics and also nonlinear optics.

Yashar’s research aims to study and control the behavior of light in different mediums. In some applications in optical communication systems, the speed of light must be slowed in order to process information. This is not currently possible due to technological limitations.  He hopes his current work will open a new window for scientists and researchers in biomedical engineering, the optical industry and underwater communication fields.

Dalhousie was the perfect choice for Yashar as their non-linear optics group is widely known for outstanding academic quality and exemplary teaching.  In addition Yashar enjoys playing his flute outdoors near the ocean, on top of a hill or in the middle of beautiful forest – all places easily found in Nova Scotia!

As a Killam laureate, Yashar finally feels that the hard work has really paid off, and is happy to share this accomplishment with his family who has supported him from the beginning. For Yashar, this scholarship is not the end but just the beginning and it gives him joy as it comes as a proof that he has found the right direction in life.


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