Stephen Gill – 2021 Killam Prize

Social Sciences

York University

Stephen Gill’s leading scholarship in the fields of international relations and global affairs has furthered knowledge about how the world’s dominant economic system shapes global civilization. His research describes the extraordinary power of capitalism and its markets to influence and transform foundational cultural values of a society and its citizens. By applying a feminist critique to his investigation of the global financial and economic order, he has helped to explain why inequalities associated with race, class, and gender continue to persist despite concerted actions to address them.

Stephen Gill is a Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science, Communications and Culture at York University and Senior Associate Member, St. Antony’s College, Oxford. His prodigious authorship has resulted in 29 books and monographs and over 150 articles which have significantly altered knowledge and research agendas in the fields of International Relations, Global Political Economy, Law and Public Health.

Through his empirical social research, Gill’s work has had a profound influence on the study of global governance structures, the American “New World Order,” and how treaties and international trade agreements affect public policy. In 2003, his book Power and Resistance in the New World Order won the Outstanding Academic Title from the American Library Association. He has recently described the effect of the global neoliberal market economy and its ideological and market-driven underpinnings on the global health system. His scholarship points out the growing conflict between the unrestrained pursuit of profit and life-sustaining processes, emphasizing the dire need for radical changes in public policy to mitigate the root causes of many major health problems around the world.

Photo credit: Isabella Bakker

TheFutureEconomy.ca had the opportunity to speak with Stephen Gill – video with interview below. You can also listen to the podcast here.


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