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Sylvain Moineau – 2024 Killam Prize

Natural Sciences

Université Laval

Sylvain Moineau is a professor in the Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Bioinformatics, and holder of the Canada Research Chair in Bacteriophages at Université Laval.

Moineau is an eminent microbiologist and researcher, renowned for his outstanding work on bacterial viruses (phages) and pioneering discoveries on CRISPR-Cas systems, an adaptive immune system used by bacteria to defend against phages. With his research group, he has developed an innovative integrative approach, to better understand the diversity, biology, and evolution of these specialized viruses.

His pioneering discoveries have inspired researchers around the world and paved the way for some of the most significant scientific advances in biotechnology and genome-editing. The breakthrough findings made by Moineau and his team, through a wide range of studies in different fields (microbiology, virology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, food sciences, and biotechnology) have dramatically changed our view of phage-bacteria interactions. These findings have also created a major impact on the way scientists approach them today.

As a research leader, Moineau has served as a mentor for his current research team, numerous graduate students and post-docs nationally and internationally. His work has also received the attention of Thomson Reuters and Clarivate Analytics who have ranked him amongst the most cited and influential microbiologists on the planet.


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