Dalhousie University

Keisha Jefferies

Keisha looks at the underrepresentation of African Nova Scotian healthcare providers and at other critical factors through her research, such as community mistrust and mental health.

Timothy Disher

We have a long way to go in understanding how we can optimally include parents in the care of their preterm newborns, and I hope that I can be a part of marking the path to get there.

Stephanie Forget

Increasing numbers of children are being diagnosed with ASD and their care necessitates frequent interactions with the health care system. Stephanie’s goal is to develop a better understanding of surgical care for ASD children and their families.

Yashar Monfared

Yashar is studying nonlinear effects inside photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) which have many applications in the field of optical communications, biomedical optics and also nonlinear optics.

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