University of Alberta

Lauren Bortolotti

This scholarship allows me to focus fully on doing the best research I can. My research asks questions about the nature and trajectory of the recovery of restored prairie wetlands, with a specific focus on whether restored systems function the same as their natural counterparts.

Cassandra Churchill

I hope that my research can be used to advance the status of cancer chemotherapies in Canada. I am honoured and humbled to be named a Killam Scholar, particularly among the other talented doctoral recipients.

Matthew Benesch

The purpose of my work is to understand the interactions between normal cells and cancer cells within the tumor. This award recognizes the impact and value of my research as it matures.

Dr. Valeri P. Frolov

“Receiving this prestigious award has highly stimulated my work in theoretical physics.” Valeri Frolov is one of Canada’s and the world’s top leaders in black hole physics.

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