University of Alberta

Martha White

My primary research area is machine learning, where the goal is to understand and develop algorithms that improve prediction and decision-making capabilities with experience.

Jennifer Hinnell

What gestures add to communication. I’ve always been thrilled by the possibilities of language. I remember making up my own language when I was a kid, and I used to take out my whole family’s maximum number of books from the library.

Andrew E. Derocher

Being named a Killam laureate is a great honour.  The Killam Trust is synonymous with excellence in research and the recognition from the Killam Trust is one of the highlights of my career.

Masoud Shabestary

Masoud is currently working on renewable-based energy sources. He hopes to facilitate the transition from existing power systems to more efficient, more flexible, and more clean smart grids.

Morteza Seifi

Morteza’s project is to identify rapid and efficient bioinformatics tools for clinical diagnostic lab researchers to prioritize predicted deleterious variants for further experimental characterization.

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