Kristen Higgins

Killam Doctoral Scholarship Recipient

Dalhousie University

A brief synopsis of your work
I am completing my PhD in Clinical Psychology under the supervision of Dr. Christine Chambers. My research is in the area of pediatric pain, looking at how family factors and other social factors affect how children experience pain. Specifically, my research focuses on children whose parents have chronic pain, and how this may or may not affect the children’s own experiences with pain. I am also working on a comprehensive project examining the attitudes of researchers and research ethics board members toward offering parents individualized feedback on the results of psychological testing completed with their children for research purposes.

What does it mean to be a Killam Laureate?
I feel very fortunate to be a Killam Laureate. It has provided me with funding so that I can focus on my research and clinical training. I feel very honoured to have been chosen to be a Killam Laureate along with so many great researchers!

Why did you choose Dalhousie?
I chose to study clinical psychology at Dalhousie University because this program has a strong focus on independent research. It has a great reputation for producing strong researchers, and I felt that this would be a good fit for my interests.


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